Skydiving with Daniel Baddley

“After reading about Cancer Recovery’s Children’s Project and the kids they work with I felt compelled to help out.  There were a number of fundraising events to choose from but somehow I ended up signing on for the skydive!!!!

This was my first time taking on a sponsored event and I was as nervous about the fundraising side as I was about the actual sky-dive itself!   I shouldn’t have been, as when I explained what the charity was all about and the amazing work they do my friends and family couldn’t wait to show their support!

The jump itself was initially frightening but turned into one of the best experiences of my life!!!! All the staff were great and I felt in safe hands throughout.  The feeling you get when you jump out the plane is beyond words and knowing you are doing it for such a great cause just adds to the excitement!!!”

– Daniel Baddley

Our team would like to offer a special congratulations to Daniel who on completing his skydive became our most successful solo fundraiser EVER! Raising a massive £11,676.01 to help children living with cancer and their families. Thank you Daniel.