Tandem Skydiving

A tandem skydive is the most popular jump type and you only need to raise £395 for your jump to be free. You do not need any formal training for this jump as you’ll be strapped to a fully qualified instructor. You jump from a minimum of 10,000 feet and experience freefall. This truely is a once in life time thrill!

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See some of our past supporters as they jumped and hear what they thought about the experience below:

Watch a video and see photos of Rikesh taking part in a tandem skydive as part of our 2013 World Record Tandem Parachute Team here.

Hear from Daniel Baddley who became our highest fundraiser ever with his tandem skydive in July 2015 here

Completed a Tandem Jump before and are looking to advance? We have you covered: 

Static Line Parachuting

This is your opportunity to complete a parachute jump and put youself in control, just raise £360 for your jump to be free. You’ll need to train for the jump over 1 day after which you make a solo parachute jump from 3,000ft. Your parachute will deploy automatically and you’ll navigate yourself back to the drop zone for landing!

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Accelerate Freefall

This is the first level in training to become a fully qualified skydiver. You’ll need to raise £550 for your jump to be free! After a days training you’ll make a solo skydive from 10,000ft accompanied by two instructors, one either side of you. You’ll deploy your own parachute and descend back to the drop zone for landing. You will then be on your way to becoming a skydiver!

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For more fundraising advice and support contact our fundraising team:

by phone on 0207 470 8755 or email us at enquiries@cancerrecovery.org.uk