Fundraising FAQs

Why do you ask me to increase my donation?

Around three million people in the UK are currently living with cancer. We want to support as many of these people as possible and unfortunately we still need to grow our programs to make this possible and that will take more money.

We fully appreciate that not everyone will be in a position to increase the value of their gift every time we ask. However, we find that our supporters really understand the value of our work and asking them to increase their gift is one of the most cost effective ways for us to raise vital funds. We also continue to ask new people to support our work.

How did you get my address?

We obtain the details of potential supporters through data agencies.

If you would like to know where we got your details from please contact our office by email with your (or your friend/relatives) full name, address and postcode as it appears on the mailers.

We can then pass on the details of the company holding and distributing your details on to you. However please note whilst we are able to remove you from our mailing lists we cannot get the company holding your details to remove you from their database. They must be contacted by you directly and you must inform them of your wishes.

Is Cancer Recovery’s fundraising regulated?

All our mailers are compatible with UK fundraising regulations for direct mail. We are also members of The Fundraising Standards Board. If you have any questions or concerns do contact us.

Is it sensible and effective to send letters asking for money?

Contacting both prospective and existing supporters by writing to them is a proven method of fundraising used by many charities and is the cheapest way for charities to get donations from large numbers of supporters. We track all responses to our appeals to ensure that we are investing the funds wisely.

We understand that not everyone will be able to donate to every appeal, but because we currently can’t help everyone who is coping with cancer, we need to raise as much money as possible to expand our services. Even when our appeals don’t raise money from everyone, they still raise awareness and some offer tips and educational advice on preventing or living with cancer. While not everyone will be interested in contributing, many people want to learn more about cancer and our work.

Why are you asking me to give by direct debit?

You may be an existing donor who has opted in to receiving advice about giving by direct debit or you may be donating regularly to cancer recovery and giving by direct debit is being offered to you as a more effective way of making your donation.

Giving by direct debit is the most effective way of giving to charity as it reduces administration costs and generates a steady and realiable stream of income, allowing us to better plan for the future.

Why do you send gifts?

The cost of any gift we enclose is always carefully considered. We know that the inclusion of a gift such as a notepad, address labels or a pen, increases the level of awareness for our work, as well as the donations we receive from the mailout. The amount of additional income outweighs the cost of the gift.

If you would like to continue to donate to Cancer Recovery but would prefer to opt out of receiving mailers containing gifts you can contact us and we can ensure you only receive regular paper only mailings.

What if I only want to be contacted in a particular way?

If you contact our office by using this contact form or email, your communication preferences can be noted, such as email only. Please not we will never telephone you unless it is in regards to an event you are taking part in on behalf of Cancer Recovery, we do not conduct any form of telephone marketing or fundraising.

What if i don’t want to be contacted by Cancer Recovery again?

If you do not wish to receive any further contact from Cancer Recovery please let us know by either completeing this contact form, emailing us at or writing to us at:

Cancer Recovery Foundation UK, Garden Studios, 71-75 Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9JQ.

If you are requesting removal from our mailing database please ensure you include the full name, address and postcode as it appears on our correspondence as without these details we will not be able to remove you. Our team will see to it that you are removed from our mailing lists. Please note as mailers are prepared in advance by our mailing company you may continue to receive correspondence from Cancer Recovery for six- eight weeks, but after this time you will not be contacted by us again. Thank you.