Clothing Collection FAQs

Our clothing collection is an environmentally friendly way you can support Cancer Recovery Foundation UK. Now you can donate all your unwanted clothes to support Cancer Recovery’s work in an easy and convient way. All from the comfort of home. By giving your unwanted clothing and shoes to Cancer Recovery Foundation UK you will be helping us improve the lives of those living with cancer.

Bags for donation are already in circulation across the UK.

How does it work?

If you receive a bag on your doorstep and would like to help, please fill it with your unwanted clothes and leave it outside your house for our partners UXT British Recycling Company to collect on the specified collection day.

Can I send in clothing myself without waiting for a bag?

We are grateful for all donations but would prefer you do not send clothing directly to us, if you could contact either our office or our clothing helpline we should be able to arrange a collection of the clothes by a local volunteer.

How much money does Cancer Recovery receive?

For every tonne of clothing collected Cancer Recovery Foundation UK receives a £110 donation from UXT British Recycling Company We have one of the best rates around.

How will I know if a bag is genuine?

Any clothing collection bag from a genuine charity should have the charities logo/branding, the charities name and the charities registered charity number. Bags without a registered charity number visible should be considered suspicious unless you have spoken to the organisation and confirmed it is a real collection. If you have any concerns about a bag from Cancer Recovery Foundation UK call our clothing collection helpline on 0156 478 4107 to verify the collection.

You can also look up a charities registered number online through The Charity Commission.

Cancer Recovery Foundation UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (1105703) and in Scotland (SC039731)

Unfortunately as the bags are distributed to the public on a wide scale it has been possible for some groups to have made exact replicas of our own or other charities clothing bags. Therefore if you have contacted our Clothing Collection helpline and found that the collection in your area is not genuine it would be of huge help to ourselves and other charities if you could take down the details of any vehicles involved. Thank you.

How can I tell if a collector/collection is genuine?

All collectors for Cancer Recovery Foundation UK should have an ID badge with the charity name/logo and registered charity number on or an ID employment badge for our partners Trade Name Registered as: UXT British Recycling Company, Company No. 9326340

If a collector does not have proper identification visible or on request contact our clothing helpline on 0156 478 4107.

Who collects the clothing for Cancer Recovery Foundation UK?

All collectors for Cancer Recovery Foundation UK are arranged by our partners:

UXT British Recycling Company,Company No. 9326340,

If you are unsure about any aspect of the clothing collection taking place in your area for Cancer Recovery Foundation UK, please contact our clothing helpline on 0156 478 4107.