Zachary’s Cancer Recovery Story

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Zachary was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in December 2007. He was just 10 days short of his 3rd birthday. It was an incredible shock to his family although they knew he was unwell. The hospital started his treatment immediately, and his initial reaction to all the drugs was dramatic and frightening. After staying in hospital for another 6 weeks, he finally came home and he was in remission with his last treatment in March 2011.

The family applied for a Cancer Recovery grant to help pay their outstanding Electricity bill, as due to the extra care needs of Zachary they had fallen into arrears causing the family significant stress. We were able to help them with a grant for £300 towards their outstanding bill.

“The last few years have been severely testing as you can imagine – personally, spiritually and just about everything else too!

Luckily, we (Mum & Dad) are still married – but it came to a close call more than once – and are still hanging in there. We have both suffered from bouts of depression and are told we constantly appear stressed!

Our sincerest thanks for the £300 Cancer Recovery has sent us towards our electricity bill – it REALLY helps! Things have been such a struggle here and as of last week I was made redundant, so I’m sure you can appreciate how much of a difference your help will make!

As we are now at the end of Zack’s three years of cancer treatment, we look forward to his continued improvement in health and finally getting to be a ‘normal’ family once again, enjoying all the things ‘normal’ families do! Hopefully, our faith will continue to hold and our relationship will prosper once again.

For those of you who are just starting out on this dreadful path, hang on in there, don’t forget each other (as well as your child) and just cling to the good things and the future.

Thanks once again so much for Cancer Recovery’s help!”

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