The Programme

The Cancer Recovery Foundation UK operates across two branches offering advice and support to people living with cancer:

Our Adult Programme. The adult programme offers educational materials and financial support to anyone diagnosed with cancer.
The Children’s Cancer Recovery Project which focuses on improving the lives of children and families coping with cancer. For more information please visit our ‘The Project’ page here.

Cancer Recovery  Fund

Taking time off work whilst undergoing cancer treatment can have a devastating affect on your finances even in the short term. Estimates from the Citizens Advice Bureau show 4 out of 5 cancer patients are around £570 a month worse off since their diagnosis, with many patients turning off their heating and cutting out meals in order to keep a roof over their heads. Our Cancer Recovery Foundation Fund provides emergency bridge payments directly to the utility companies and landlords, ensuring that everyone has a warm, safe place to call home while recovering from cancer.

Last year Cancer Recovery gave over £70,643 to 369 families and individuals during their cancer treatment to help them with this financial shortfall. To find out more about our grant; visit our CRF Fund page here.