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Thank you messages

“I am very grateful for this help in paying our gas bill. I am self employed and the sole earner for the family. I have always worked hard and taken pride in being able to look after my family. I have had to take lots of time off for my sons treatments and consultations and my wife has needed my support at home that we have sometimes struggled financially. The stress and lost time has affected my abilities to earn enough money. I am very grateful, thank you. – Matthew and Rebecca, parents whose 9 year old son suffering from Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer

“While facing cancer I find it hard to keep all the plates spinning. The Cancer Recovery Fund has allowed me to remove a plate or two and get some peace of mind. Thank you so much” – Stephanie, Ovarian Cancer Patient

“It is wonderful to know there is support and financially. Cancer and the treatment before the cure zaps the life out of you! Getting divorced and losing your job doesn’t help either. Being a single parent having to cope on your own is not healthy therefore to know their is support, such as Cancer Recovery’ was a weight off my shoulders. The help offered, helped me sort out an escalating debt I am so grateful. Thank you” – Amanda, Breast Cancer Survivor

“When you and your family at no fault of your own find yourself in difficulties in paying the bills, due also, my husband having to give up work to look after me and the two children who are also fighting cancer and tumours, life is very hard. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts” – Denise, Richard, Jordan and Emma, The Peel Family, Thyroid Cancer patients.

“I am a single mum of two and brought up my two kids, I work as a nurse and now have cancer in the breast and have been off work for a while. I am having a hard time paying my bills and have resorted to credit cards. Thank you so much for your help, it means so much to me and my children” – Ms. Nazareo, a breast cancer patient

“Receiving practical support in the early stages of our daughters treatment has meant we can concentrate on each other as a family, not being stressed about our energy bill has been a huge weight off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on looking after our little girl. We really are so grateful. Thank you” – The Thompson Family



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