healthy eating habits Healthy eating habits to help your body

Healthy eating can be a pain in this age of modern conveniences and to go food. Below are some simple healthy eating habits to strive for. They will help make your body healthier without the angst of a plan, a time limit, or a weight loss aim. It’s just simple good food. Simply good food sensible eating and a healthy outcome for your body.

1. Rediscover Real Food – and by that we mean fresh fruits, veggies, fish and organic poultry – food you can actually identify in its raw state not by a picture on a packet. ‘Packaged foods – tins, packets and ready meals – are generally more processed and contain more additives, especially sugar and salt. If you can identify it, chances are your body can too. By turning to foods in its natural state you make better use of its nutrients without adding unnecessary toxins and additives to your body chemistry!’

2. Don’t Be So Refined – why eat lightweight breads and cereals loaded with added vitamins when you can get them for free plus a healthy shot of fibre too? ‘Making the move from refined to whole grains is a brilliantly simple way to add a healthy boost to your eating. Stone-ground wholemeal bread, brown rice and rolled oats all hang on to their fibre and vital B and E vitamins which in turn are passed onto you. Not only do refined foods lack these elements, they use up part of your energy store when the body processes them – which leaves you with an energy debt.’

3. Splash on the Oil ! – don’t cook with oil – add it to ready made foods and salads instead. ‘Heating oil converts CIS fatty acids (The good guys – our bodies use polyunsaturated oils in CIS form) into trans fatty acids (The very bad guys that damage cells by forming free radicals). Drizzle cold pressed extra virgin oil or flax seed oil over steamed vegetables after cooking or mix with fresh lemon or lime juice, plus garlic and black pepper to make the best ever salad dressing.’… Can’t imagine starting a recipe without frying an onion first? Try sautéing in a little water or stock – it works, we promise.

4. Go For The Squeeze – ‘It’s so easy to buy and drink carton fruit juices and convince ourselves that we’re being healthy. Here is the news: vital vitamins –like all important C for instance – are quickly lost once fruits and veggies are juiced. Treat yourself to a really good juicer (arguably the best health buy you can make) and juice just enough to drink each time. Don’t be tempted to store it. Leaving aside the risk of lost vitamins, stored juice becomes more acidic.’ To get the best out of fresh juices drink them on an empty stomach e.g. first thing in the morning, and avoid mixing fruits with vegetables (apple with vegetables being one exception).

5. Spring Clean Your Gut – and get great locks too. ‘Grind 1 tablespoon of flax seeds in a blender (another gadget that can healthy up your eating) then add it to a home made smoothie. (My favourite has to be banana, strawberries and blueberries with a splash of soya milk) Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids anti-inflammatory, so their good for flexible joints, healthy skin, great hair and nails and as a healthy bonus encourage regular bowel motions.’ Sorry but it had to be said – it’s important!

6. Don’t Skip Breakfast – starting the day right is a must. Every day, try to add some protein to your favourite menu – eggs or plain bio yoghurt are top of the list. You’ll find energy levels stay constant, hunger pangs vanish and brain power stays perky. In fact if energy level is constantly dipping, try eating six small rather than three big meals a day.

7. Freshen Up Your Menu – obvious yes… but are you really eating enough fresh fruit and vegetables? Adding fresh vegetables or salad to lunch and dinner, eating fresh fruit first thing and as snacks will give you a mega blast of natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. Want to get the very most from them? Eat them raw or lightly steamed.

8. Choose Organic – it’s easier now that supermarkets love it. Foodies tend to bang on about organic food having more flavour. To be honest some organic foods taste better, some no different. The point is that you’re mainly buying organic for what it doesn’t have – unnecessary pesticides, additives, artificial flavourings and sweeteners. It’s biggest plus point has to be its richness in nutrients thanks to healthier soil and stressed folks like us need all the nutrients we can get.

9. Eat In The Raw – Nuts are fabulous little powerhouses delivering vitamins, minerals protein, fibre, essential fats and age defying anti-oxidants in neat packages. The key is to eat them unsalted, raw and as fresh as you can. Keep them in the fridge and use them up within a week of opening. Nuts are too good for you to really be considered seriously fattening but if you have a tendency to eat too many, get a few thrown into a mini bag and eat through the day as snacks for a lush energy boost.

10. Just Add Water – how tired are we of being told to drink more. Nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors and health experts go on and on about the importance of being hydrated and it really does matter. The body needs and uses about 2 litres a day and the best way to get it is to have it straight or make herbal teas instead of drinking fizzy drinks or regular tea and coffee. Make the switch and you’ll avoid sugar and caffeine (energy draining and diuretic) which also means you’ll ditch the headaches and that fuzzy, can’t quite focus feeling too.

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