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Each vegetable or fruit has a peak time when it’s at its seasonal best, this quick guide provides a crash course to which foods you should be enjoying this February. All the vegetables here will be beautifully fresh in stores throughout February.

Cabbages and broccoli:
One of the super-hero cruciferous vegetable, they are the most powerful cancer protectors. They contain a compound called sulphoraphane which stimulates the liver’s phase II detoxification process.
what to eat in february


Rich in potassium and very good source of fibre

Is a vegetable, but mainly treated as a fruit by consumers. High content of vitamins/minerals (A,C,E,K B6, folate, calcium, zinc etc) Not to be used too often due to its acidity.

Red oranges:
A complete package of every class of natural anti-cancer inhibitor . The peel of citrus fruits contains the cancer inhibitor Limonene. .

Excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and calcium.

Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. High in vitamin C, vitamin K potassium, B6, magnesium. Very good for maintaining optimum health and weight.

Very good source of high quality protein. Contains selenium, omega 3 fatty acid, magnesium, potassium and B6. Omega 3 benefits the cardio vascular system.
What to eat in February
Mussels have been cultivated for more than 800 years! Tasty and nutritious, they are low in sodium and saturated fat. Are a good source of vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, omega 3, iron, potassium, selenium and zinc. They contain more protein than beef and a quarter of the calories!

Vitamin/mineral rich in iron, calcium, vitamin A. Low in cholesterol. Concentrated natural source of zinc which is essential to support immune system. Very good source of protein.

Rich in protein and omega 3. High in B12, copper, iron, selenium, and zinc. Is good for cardiovascular system and colon cancer.

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